Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora and ELF Andorid 4.0.3 firmware upgrade (March 08, 2012 version) download

This new firmware upgrade are for both Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora and NOVO 7 ELF . Ainol has fixed two major drawback in the previous release – no official Google Market ( Google Play ), no FLASH support.

Major enhancements in this release:

  1. Added Google Android Market and GMail
  2. HTML 5 video player support
  3. Fully support FLASH. Pre-installed the new flash player v11.1
  4. Better power management
  5. Longer standby time

Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora and NOVO 7 ELF Android 4 .0.3 (March 08, 2012) Release Note:

  • Updated the driver of Mali400 GPU, improved the 2D and 3D graphics acceleration performance
  • Support hardware acceleration of Android 4 .0.3 user interface. It’s much faster and smoother when sliding or switching between different windows than previous version.
  • Added Google’s own browser’s rendering and hardware acceleration. It is very fast and smooth to drag, zoom-in, and  zoom out once the webpage is fully loaded.
  • Optimized the firmware , improved the GPU and memory performance.
  • Adapted the new version of html5/m3u8 Internet streaming video engine for faster and smoother video playing (especially for the Chinese Internet video site Tudou).
  • Support TS streaming HTTP broadcasting.
  • Fully support FLASH. Pre-installed the latest FLASH player v11.1
  • Upgraded the camera program to v4.0.3. It now supports zoom-in, zoom-out,  full screen mode, 720p video capturing, optimized the picture and video performance.
  • Fixed the bug that an error message is popped up in some Ethernet settings  and cannot download apps from AppChina.
  • Fixed the bug that the USB hard drive and Micro SD card cannot be recognized once it’s plugged in  and off for a few times (both only happen for EXFAT format)
  • Upgrade the video player. Added a feature that the status bar will be hidden during video playing.
  • Fixed the bug that when the “OK” button is clicked right after turning the caption on in video, the progress bar cannot be hidden, and the the return key is not working.
  • Fixed the bug that when resuming video playing after standby for mulch-channel audio and multi-caption, it always goes back to default audio and caption.
  • Fixed the bug that File Explorer cannot write micro-SD card.
  • Added Google Android Market and GMail. Adjusted the pre-installed apps.
  • Improved the power consumption for low CPU usage apps.
  • Support more external 3G dongles
  • Significantly reduced the power assumption during standby. Much longer standby time.

Those firmware upgrade can be used by following the flash instruction on our website.

How to upgrade Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora and ELF firmware (ROM)

Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora and NOVO 7 ELF Android 4 .0.3 Official Release (March 08, 2012) download links:

Download ELF Android 4.0.3 firmware (able to do screen capture)

Download Aurora Android 4.0.3 firmware

novo7ess_aurora_rom_v0_4.img(English version of Aurora Android 4.0.3 firmware)

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