Ainol Novo 7 Flame English Edition Ultra-thin Android 4.0 Tablet PC 7 inch 1280×800 IPS HD Screen 1GB RAM ARM Cortex-A9 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU 1080P HD 2MP Front Camera 5MP Rear Camera HDMI 16GB: $299.99, On Sale Now: $159.99

Ainol Novo 7 Flame (aka Burning) is replacing NOVO 7 Aurora / Aurora II and becomes the newest and the only 7″ Ainol tablet with 1280×800 pixel 180 degree viewing angle IPS capacitive screen (the same screen as seen on Google Nexus 7 ) and runs Google Android 4 .0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich . NOVO 7 Flame is powered by  a 1.5GHz AMLogic ARM 2nd generation Cortex-A9 based dual-core CPU. It has dual-camera – 2MP front facing webcam and 5MP rear facing camera. NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) has HDMI port to let you play video on your big screen HD TV. It is the only one with ultra-thin metal case in all Ainol tablet models. Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) has Google Play (Android Market) pre-installed. Ainol added bluetooth support and increased the battery capacity to 5000 mAh in the last minute (see our latest news).

Please go to our shop to buy Ainol Flame.

Ainol has taken our advice, and officially changed the name of this tablet from “Burning” to “Flame”.

Ainol NOVO 7 Fire is Chinese version, while Ainol NOVO 7 Flame is the English version . In addition, Ainol always picks the top quality tablets from their QA test for oversea market. Those Chinese edition selling in China by the Chinese online store doesn’t have the same quality as the English edition. HDMI cable is included in the English edition as free gift.

7 inch HD All Angle (180 degree) IPS Display, 1280 x 800 Pixel High Resolution, 16,000,000 colors

Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) ($169.99 from uPlay Tablet , Ainol’s oversea distributor ) has an 1280×800 pixel IPS 7 inch screen  – The high end screen you only see on Google Nexus 7 .  This adds an amazing clarity to all images on the tablet, as well as allowing viewing from almost any angle! It has better black color than normal screen, and has much faster response than normal screen as well, which is good for playing games and watching sports and action movies.

Ultra-thin Metal Case

Enclosure – The case for the Ainol NOVO 7 Flame has a metal back with curved edges that makes it a pleasure to be hold in your hands. The body is ultra-thin and made of metal – giving a high class look and feel.

Android 4 .0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

Ainol NOVO7 Flame (Burning) is running the latest Google Android 4 .0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich . Android 4.0 is the first unified Android operating system for phones and tablets . In term of usability it is quite close to Apple iOS. In addition to a few screens that you can slide left and right, there is application pages where you can see all applications. Android has widget, which you don’t see on Apple iOS. Widgets are small apps that you stick to any screen. 

ARM 2nd Generation 1.5 GHz Dual-Core CPU

Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) is running the latest 1.5GHz dual-core AMLogic 8726-MX (ARM Cortex-A9 based) processor and Quad-Core Mali 400 GPU. AMLogic is a fabless design company located in Silicon Valley. Comparing with other CPUs used in Chinese made tablet, AMLogic’s ARM CPU has better compatibility.  ARM Cortex-A9 is the second generation of ARM CPU, which you see also on other main stream tablets , such as Apple iPad 2, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Google Nexus 7 . AMLogic 8726-MX is the first dual-core CPU on Chinese made tablets. In term of performance it is slight faster than the CPU used in Apple iPad 2.

Super Long Battery Life – 25 Days Standby time

Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) has a super large 5000 mAh battery. Most of the low end tablet makers are trying to use the low capacity or low cost battery to cut cost. Ainol always choose the biggest capacity and the best quality battery to give the best user experience. Combining with smart power management, it will give a super long battery life. With one full charge it can play video for 7 hours, audio 20 hours, 3D game 5 hours, and surf web for 5 hours. The standby time with screen saver is 30 days.

Dual-Camera: 2.oMP HD Front Facing Webcam and 5.0MP HD Rear Facing Camera

Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) has both front facing and rear facing camera. The built-in 2MP HD front facing webcam on NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) supports photo, video shooting, and teleconference. The super high resolution 5MP rear facing camera shoot beautiful pictures – you don’t need to carry your point-and-shoot camera any more. The resolution of those cameras are higher than what you see on Apple iPad 2.

Official Google Market ( Google Play ) Access

In the English version Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) from uPlay Tablet , the Google Play (Android Market) is pre-installed. You can access and download more than 400,000 apps directly from your tablet. This is one of the most important factor when buying a tablet. Not every tablet has the official Google Play pre-installed.

Hardware Accelerated FLASH

Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) has a dedicated hardware rendered FLASH. You can watch YouTube and other flash-based Internet video sites directly and very smoothly in the browser. Google Nexus 7 doesn’t support FLASH any more. So, you cannot watch videos in browser. NOVO 7 Flame not only supports FLASH, it also uses its CPU and GPU to accelerate the render, which results a very smooth video.

Full HD 1080P

Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) supports Full HD 1080P and other HD formats. Flame (Burning) can automatically recognize HD TV connection, and output video signal to TV. It displays on both tablet and TV for all operations. This is one of the major advantage than Google Nexus 7 , which does not have HDMI port.

High speed DDR 3 1.0 GB

1GB DDR3 RAM – this allows for numerous tasks and apps to be run at the same time with no loss in speed or responsiveness in Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (burning) tablet. Furthermore this allows data to be processed faster, meaning 3D games run better than ever!

High Resolution 1280×800 5-Point Multi-touch Capacitive Screen

5-Point Mult-touch plus ALPS touch buttons, 1280×800 pixel high resolution, 7 inch IPS 180 degree angle display, gives you excellent performance for playing games and watching videos on Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning). This is the same screen as used on Google Nexus 7 .

Super High Speed WiFi and 3G

Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) uses industry leader Broadcom’s latest WiFi Chip.  It supports WiFi standard 802.1 b/g/n with a maximum speed of 300M, and also support external 3G dongles (see supported 3G dongle list at the end for more details). This is another factor when buying tablets, especially those Chinese made tablets. Many Chinese made tablets are using WiFi chips made by domestic companies, which has compatibility issues. Broadcom is the leader in WiFi and other communication chips, so you know you will get the best compatibility and fastest connection speed. 

The Most Sensitive Gravity Sensor on the Market

NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) has 3 axis gravity sensor, super sensitive. 

Support Bluetooth

NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) has added bluetooth 2.1 support. You can connect it with Bluetooth earphone, keyboard , and other bluetooth devices.

Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) Specs

Model Ainol Novo 7 Flame (Burning)
CPU Dual-core AMLogic 8276-MX, 1.6GHz; Quad-Core GPU: Mali 400
Operation System Android 4.0.4 (ICS)
Nand Flash 16GB
Shell Material Metal
Screen Size 7 Inch IPS
Type Capacitive Screen
Resolution 1280 x 800
Visible Angle 180°
Extend Card Support TF card up to 32GB
Camera Yes, front 2.0 megapixels, real 5.0 megapixels
Gravity Sensor Yes
Multi-Touch Yes, 5 points touch
Flash Yes, support Flash 11.1
Android Market Yes
Youtube Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Skype Yes
Email and Browser Yes, built in
WIFI Broadcom, 802.11 b/g/n
3G Not built in, support 3G/WCDMA dongle
Earphone Interface 3.5mm
Battery 5000MAh
Language Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese
Other Applications Office, Browser, Gallery, Clock, Calculator, Calendar, Taskiller, Gmail
Product Size 189 x 123 x 10mm
Product Weight 316g
Extend Port 1 x TF card port
1 x MINI USB port; 1 x MINI HDMI port
1 x 3.5mm earphone port
Package Weight 704g

Ainol NOVO7 Flame (Burning) Tablet PC Package Contains:

  • 1 x Ainol NOVO7 Flame (Burning) Tablet PC
  • 1 x Earphone
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x OTG Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide in English
  • 1 x Wall charger (two flat pins of the same size, works in US, China, and many other countries)
  • 1 x HDMI cable (free gift)

English version – English package, English warranty card, English Quick Start Guide, English language on tablet

uPlay Tablet carries English version from Ainol. All other online stores are selling the Chinese version even if they are lucky to get a hold of NOVO 7 Flame (Burning). This English version Flame (Burning) includes English language and apps on the tablet, English package box, and English manual.

The English version of Flame (Burning) comes with Ainol Product Warranty Card in English.

In the package box of the English version of Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning)  you can also find the Quick Start Guide in English. The front side of the guide shows how to connect Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) to computer to download images and music.


The back side of the Quick Start Guide shows screen basics, how to configure WiFi, and how to install apps from the official Google Market pre-installed.


The NOVO7 Flame (Burning) English Edition Tablet support the following 3G Module:

  • E1820 3G Module: WCDMA, Manufacturer: Huawei
  • E1782 3G Module: WCDMA, Manufacturer: Huawei
  • E1750 3G Module: WCDMA, Manufacturer: Huawei
  • E230   3G Module: WCDMA, Manufacturer: Huawei
  • E1550 3G Module: WCDMA, Manufacturer: Huawei
  • E180   3G Module: WCDMA, Manufacturer: Huawei

Compare the specs for Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora II and Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning):

Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II Ainol Novo 7 Flame (Burning)
Size and Weight: 189mm x 123mm x 9mm, 313 grams 190mm x 123mm x 10mm, 316grams
Operating System: Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Android v4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
CPU: AMLogic 8726-MX 1.5GHz Dual-core Processor AMLogic 8726-MX 1.5GHz Dual-core Processor
GPU: Quad-core Mali 400 Quad-core Mali 400
Storage: 16 GB internal storage 16GB internal storage
Display: 7 inch IPS Capacitive Screen 1024×600 pixel resolution 7-inch Multi-touch capacitive touch screen, 1280×800 resolution
Expandable Memory: TF Card (microSD) up to 32GB TF Card (microSD) up to 32GB
Camera: Front facing 2 megapixel Front facing 2 megapixel, rear facing 5 megapixel
Sensor: Gravity Sensor Gravity Sensor
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 3.5mm audio, mini USB, mini HDMI WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 3.5mm audio, mini USB, mini HDMI, Bluetooth
Battery: 3700MAh (up to 6 hours) 5000mAH (up to 6 hours)
Enclosure: Plastic Metal
Price: $149.99 USD from uPlay Tablet $169.99 USD from uPlay Tablet

Notice the difference? The main difference is that the Novo 7 Flame (Burning) has a 1280×800 IPS Capacitive Screen while the Novo 7 Aurora II has a 1024×600 IPS screen . NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) has dual-camera, while Aurora II has only front facing camera . NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) uses metal case , while Aurora ’s case is plastic. NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) has added Bluetooth support and upgraded its battery to 5000 mAh. For those who do not know what IPS is, IPS stands for In-Plane Switching which was developed by Hitachi back in 1996. An IPS display gives you a better display, more vivid color, and a wider angle for viewing. See the comparison below.

Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) is Ainol’s latest top-end 7″ tablet 1280×800 IPSIPS screen English Edition for oversea Market, only available from Ainol’s oversea distributors.  Black Metal Shell. The shipping cost is $14.95 no matter where you are. We use Hong Kong Post Registered Air Mail with a tracking number (signature required at delivery). 

You might be able to find some online stores selling Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) for a few dollars cheaper, but all of those stores are selling the Chinese version for the China domestic market – the default language in the tablet, reference manual, product warranty card, and package are all in Chinese. Most of those stores are based in Shenzhen, China. It would cost your $40~$60 to ship your tablet back to them if you need replacement or repair, while uPlay Tablet is Ainol’s distributor in North America, our office and customer service are in Silicon Valley, California, your return and repair are handled in California as well.

Return, Replacement, Repair Warranty, Payment, and Shipment

Check out our Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Burning) support forum. Have a question about this tablet? ask your question here. You will get answer by email.

Our goal is to offer our customer the best customer service. Our uPlay Tablet eBay store made into eBay “ Top Rated Seller ” and “Power Seller” in just 6 months at eBay’s first review , because we have 100% positive feedback from customers, we consistently receives highest buyers’ rating , we always ship items in 24 hours and provide tracking number, and always reply customers’ email in 12 hours (has earned a track record of excellent service).

Here is our uPlay Tablet eBay Feedback Page, where you can see the feedback from our customers.
Some reviews in the following were for Aurora and Aurora II – the generation before Flame.

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Ainol Novo 7 Flame English Edition Ultra-thin Android 4.0 Tablet PC 7 inch 1280×800 IPS HD Screen 1GB RAM ARM Cortex-A9 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU 1080P HD 2MP Front Camera 5MP Rear Camera HDMI 16GB: $299.99, On Sale Now: $159.99 SKU UPC Model


Oct 24, 2012 by noName

Very nice Tablet for this money. I'm Very Happy. 5+


Jul 18, 2012 by jurkey

My AURORA 11 arrived as quickly as expected, possibly a day sooner. The expandable memory + flash player swayed me from the NEXUS, now I have the AURORA 11 I'm sure it was a good decision, what a relief, in fact I have ordered the NOVO BURNING with specs & capabilities to match & even surpass the NEXUS. Guess which one my wife will get.

Better choice than Google Nexus 7

Jul 08, 2012 by Mark Martin

I received my Aurora II a week ago, and I love it! I think it's a better choice than Google Nexus 7. Although Google Nexus 7 has slightly better spec, but considering the $80 price difference, and the following factors, I chose Aurora II - 1. Nexus 7 doesn't support expandable memory. 2. Nexus 7 does't have HDMI.

Great value

Jun 25, 2012 by Phil Young

Really amazed at the quality of the Aurora. Beautiful color, good battery life, everything is easy to follow and the price is fantastic for what you get.

Highly recommended

Jun 21, 2012 by

item received as described. Great seller. Easy transaction. highly recommend

Wonderful tablet!

Jun 20, 2012 by omegalegato

Shipping was quick, service was wonderful, as is product itself.

uPlay highly recommended!

Jun 18, 2012 by timelord_thetasigma

Wonderful tablet! Only took a week to arrive ! Uplay highly recommended!

Nice pad 4 money!

Jun 15, 2012 by simonsays15 (eBay buyer)

nice pad 4 money .... shipping slow...excellent communication..thank u.

Really impressed as Japanese customer

Jun 11, 2012 by Eva

I\'ve just receive my novo7Aurora 7.0\" ainol. I am impressed of your product , it\'s my first time to use android tablet, and it\'s good and no problem except for the keyboard it\'s a little bit hard.

Still got some?

Mar 13, 2012 by RM

Still got some? Wanna order one.

uPlay Tablet's English version of Android 4.0.3 version of NOVO 7 Aurora is cool!

Feb 29, 2012 by Steve Yarbrough

I flashed my Aurora with uPlay tablet's Android 4.0.3 English version of firmware . It's so cool! It got rid of all Chinese characters and apps. Google Android Market works perfectly. YouTube HD is awesome! The systems seems to running faster than the stock version.

Ainol Novo 7 Aurora

Feb 22, 2012 by nizam

First I would like to thanks Ainol Novo 7 Aurora for making this kind of product for us so chip,
Android tablet fan, and I have bought a few tablets for myself and my friends in the last two years, but I have never seen a tablet like this - I am so amazed by its performance, IPS screen , and ultra-thin case.

This is definitely the best high end 7" Android 4.0 tablet on the market. The price is also amazing, no wonder Apple is manufacturing its iPad and iPad in China.

Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora got it right

Feb 20, 2012 by Mark Dean

First off I would like to state that this product has now been tested for two days. If anything changes my opinion of it I will be glad to update this review.

When getting the NOVO 7 Aurora package I must admit I was filled with anticipation and some level of worry. This tablet is going to be used for both recreational and business purposes so it had to be capable of doing a large number of things. At first glance I have to say it is a real beauty. It features a ultra-thin and stylish design capable of impressing nearly anyone. Mine was charged to approximately 90% when I received it so I was able to turn it on and start right away. It took me approximately 2 minutes to get it started and linked to my google account. Here came my first surprise. Already having an android phone it then proceeded to download my saved contacts and apps that were own my phone. This saved me lots of time and was a big plus.

Briefly I would like to list features of the Tablet and give a quick run down:

SCREEN - 5 star
Very bright and clear. The IPS screen is impressive to say the least. It comes auto set to change the lighting itself but you can turn that off and set the brightness to whatever level you choose.

Aside from being bright it is also very responsive to touch. For this part of the test I went to my father. My father has larger fingers and usually has problems with small buttons or touch screens. He was impressed at how easy he could type and not make mistakes on the device.

CAMERA - 3 star
This is a good camera. I was able to take a few decent shots with it and saw no real problems. Tested out the video chat feature and had no problems it is a reasonably clear image.

GAMES - 4 star
Naturally I tried out a few pre-installed games such as Angry Birds and others. This tablet played them with no problem and they looked even better than ever with a clear crisp image.

Honestly I cannot say much about the battery life of the product. I charged it once and have used it off and on all day with little battery drainage.

Chinese - 4 star
I was able to set it in English and remove Chinese on virtual keyboard by following the instruction in uPlay's support forum. Not a big deal for me.

Market - 4 star
I didn't bother to install Google Android Market by following the direction in uPlay support forum. I just installed Amazon app store, and install apps from there.

All in all the Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora is an ideal tablet for anyone wanting to jump into the tablet market. I would gladly make this purchase all over again.


Feb 15, 2012 by Mark Stermer

I just received my black Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora today, and I am really amazed by its quality. Its case is very thin, thinner than my iPad 2 . The IPS screen is bright. The Google Android 4.0 seems to be much more polished than its previous version. Now I think I understand why iPad is made in China.

Wow, no wonder it got the 2nd Pace of the Best Tablet Reward on CES

Feb 11, 2012 by Steve Myers

I only got my NOVO 7 Aurora from uPlay Tablet for a couple days. BTW, you should buy from them, they offer pretty much the lowest price on the Internet, and also US customer service and returns. They answered my question regarding to NOVO 7 Aurora and helped me make the right purchase decision.

Ainol is a new name to most US consumers, but they are well known in China. I am not very surprised to see they won the best tablet reward 2nd place on CES this year, but I am quite amazed when I finally got a hold of NOVO 7 Aurora.

It's so cool, so nice, just like an Apple product. Actually the shinning white case mimics the Apple style as well. If they print an Apple logo on the back, you will believe it's an Apple 7" iPad.

I hope they can come up an official English version for US market soon, so that we don't have to install Android Market ourselves.

NOVO 7 Aurora: Amazing!

Feb 03, 2012 by Mike Miller

I am an Android tablet fan, and I have bought a few tablets for myself and my friends in the last two years, but I have never seen a tablet like this - I am so amazed by its performance, IPS screen, and ultra-thin case.

This is definitely the best high end 7" Android 4.0 tablet on the market. The price is also amazing, no wonder Apple is manufacturing its iPad and iPad in China.

The best and cheapest high end 7 inch tablet

Jan 25, 2012 by Peter McCathy

It's hard to imagine a Chinese company can make such high end 7 inch tablet with such low price. Amazing! They are doing exactly what Samsung doing a couple years ago - very stylish, high quality, high end product with a super low price.

The performance is very similar to NOVO 7 ELF . The IPS screen is definitely worth that $20 difference. High recommended!

Of course, you have to do some work yourself, like install Android Market or Amazon App Market, since this tablet was realized for China market.

4.9 5.0 17 17 Very nice Tablet for this money. I'm Very Happy. 5+ Ainol Novo 7 Flame English Edition Ultra-thin Android 4.0 Tablet PC 7 inch 1280×800 IPS HD Screen 1GB RAM ARM Cortex-A9 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU 1080P HD 2MP Front Camera 5MP Rear Camera HDMI 16GB: $299.99, On Sale Now: $159.99