AllWinner Quad-Core A31s vs A31

AllWinner announced A31s at Mobile World Congress 2013. In our latest OEM and customized white label tablet offering, we have just released two models using AllWinner A31s – 9.7″ Q97s and 10.1″ inch Q10s. They are basically the cost-down version of Q97 and Q 10, which are using A31. Like AllWinner[...]

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How to choose a tablet – Part 1: screen size and type

Choosing a tablet used to be no-brainner: go to Apple store and buy an iPad . Now it’s more complicated. First in addition to Apple, you have Google Android and even Microsoft Surface. Within Google Android, there are so many brands and sizes to choose from – first from Google[...]

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How to flash woPad i9 with customized firmware

Download driver file and firmware from our 4Shared account to you PC. You will need to install the driver when you flash the firmware for the first time. Unzip both driver file and firmware file. Make sure you know the directory that you have uncompressed them. Double click “RKAndroidTool.exe” in[...]

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Compare the latest ARM quad-core CPUs made by Chinese semiconductor companies (AllWinner A31, Rockchip 3188, Action ATM7029, MT6589) to the quad-core CPUs made by Apple, Samsung, and nVidia

When people think about CPU, they probably think about Intel and AMD, but that’s for PC. Both Intel and AMD have missed the boat for smart phone and tablet market. In the smart device era, ARM is the queen, and there are 8 princes: Apple, Samsung, nVidia, FreeScale, MediaTek, Actions[...]

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Sharksucker Aluminum Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad un-boxing video

When considering to convert your iPad into a MacBook Pro, Sharksucker Aluminum Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad is the best choice. Only spending $99, it transforms your iPad into a MacBook. Sharksucker is an wireless keyboard case for iPad that makes your iPad become a MacBook Air (actually it looks more[...]

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Ainol NOVO 7 Flame un-box video

Although Ainol has released some newer models than NOVO 7 Flame with quad-core CPU, but none of them has bluetooth and metal case . Flame is still the best selling tablet, because of it’s high resolution IPS screen , bluetooth, and metal case . Here is Flame un-box video. Enjoy![...]

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