Ainol NOVO 10 Captain tablet

Ainol NOVO 10 Captain, NOVO 10 Hero II, and NOVO 7 Venus Firmware Upgrade – Step by Step Guide

Ainol NOVO 10 Captain, NOVO 10 Hero II , and NOVO 7 Venus are all using the same quad-core APU from Actions Semiconductor. They follow the same firmware upgrade procedure. Thanks Darklore on Tablet Republic for translating the original Ainol guide in Chinese into this detailed instruction . Tip: Take note[...]

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All products are now stocked in California for US customers

Our California warehouse is now up and running. We have stocked all of our products in California warehouse for US orders. Now the standard shipping in US only takes 3~5 days, the express shipping takes 2~3 days. All International orders are still shipped from our Shenzhen factory directly.

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Compare the latest ARM quad-core CPUs made by Chinese semiconductor companies (AllWinner A31, Rockchip 3188, Action ATM7029, MT6589) to the quad-core CPUs made by Apple, Samsung, and nVidia

When people think about CPU, they probably think about Intel and AMD, but that’s for PC. Both Intel and AMD have missed the boat for smart phone and tablet market. In the smart device era, ARM is the queen, and there are 8 princes: Apple, Samsung, nVidia, FreeScale, MediaTek, Actions[...]

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