uPlay Tablet has released Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora Android 4.0.3 English firmware with Google Android Market access

Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora is one of the hottest Android 4 tablets on the market. Unfortunately it was designed for Chinese market, therefore, the firmware is Chinese, also the user manual. To make NOVO 7 Aurora fits for oversea market, Ainol’s oversea distributor , uPlay Tablet , has just released an English version of Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora Android 4.0.3 firmware. It has added Google Android Market, and pre-installed YouTube and a few other Google applications, such as GMail, Calender, Contact, Music, Google Photo, etc. You can download it and install yourself by following the instruction on uPlay Tablet ’s website:

How to upgrade Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora and ELF firmware (ROM)

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