How to place customized tablet order

Placing customized tablet order is very simple, and can be done by using our website.

You cans start by ordering one or a couple tablet samples. You can either order our sample tablets as white label tablets or fully customized.

To order our sample tablets as is, just go to the custom built tablet section in Store/Shop. Select the model you want, and purchase it from that product page by adding it to the cart. There are multiple pages. If you don’t see the model you like in the first page, make sure you click the “next->” at the bottom to check next page. We also have many more models not listed on our website. In case you don’t see a model exactly what you want, please either call us, chat with us, or leave us a message, and we will get back to you within one business day.

To order our sample tablets as fully customized tablets, first select the tablet from  custom built tablet section in Store/Shop. Then go to uPlay Tablet Customization to choose the customization. Add all options you need to your shopping cart.

Customization charge is a one time charge. You won’t be charged again later on when you order more samples or place the volume order as long as your customization materials (logo, apps, etc.) stay the same.

If none of our existing tablet customization packages fits your need, please contact us, and we will quote you the NRE for your own customization.

Once you are happy with your customized tablet sample, you can contact us on your volume order. We do offer volume discount  when you order your customized tablet in volume. You can talk to us once you are happy with the customized tablet sample, or if you want to know the price before ordering sample, feel free to do so.