Tablet ODM Service – Design Your Own Tablet or devices based on Android

uPlay Tablet also provides tablet ODM server, which allow you to design your own tablet or internet device based on Android OS. You should consider tablet ODM service if:

  • Our white label OEM tablets do not meet your requirements (we do have many models not listed on our website)
  • Your volume is large (5000 units and more)
  • You need special mounting case, so the standard tablet case doesn’t work for you.

For example, you have a project that you want to use Android OS as the computing unit of a home appliance, medical device, controller, and you need tens of thousands of such unit. In such case, the tablet PCB board will be integrated with external sensors, controllers, displays through USB, bluetooth , or NFC. The integration requires modification of the tablet PCB board. The redesign effort include re-design and relayout the PCB board, adding/removing components, such camera, WiFi, 3G, GPS, accelerometers, and other sensors to meet your requirements at your target budget.

uPlay Tablet ODM Services

Our tablet ODM services allows you do so. In addition, we offer the following services:

a) redesign a tablet from scratch with processors, sensor, and body case.

b). special tablet with credit card, smart card reader,  or NFC for bank, security applications.

c). Rugged tablet or tablets that can stand for outdoor extreme environments, such as devices for taxi cabs and fleet management.

Our ODM services involves upfront NRE fee to cover the research & development cost. Depends on the scale of redesign the NRE cost is different, too. The following is a rough estimate of the NRE cost.

a) Industrial and structural design: 10K USD

b). PCB board (including SOC and processor board) design: 10K USD

c) Moulding and casing design using 3D printing or injection molding: 10K USD

d) Integration with sensors or other interface boards through USB or bluetooth : 10K USD

e) Customized firmware , software optimization and performance tuning: 5K USD

f) Packaging (gif box) with 100 unit samples: 1K USD

Ready to built your own tablet or Android device? feel free use the form in Contact Us  or call 408 800 6189 to discuss your project with us (If we cannot take your phone call, please do leave a message, and we will call you back).