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Announcement on Dec. 24

  • Today is the last working day for DHL and USPS before Christmas. If you ordered our tablets and haven’t received it by now, that means you are not going to have it for Christmas. We feel really sorry if that’s the case – We shipped out our tablets on time hoping every customer who ordered receives them by Christmas. However, those carriers may have delays and may not deliver as they promised (for example, 3~5 business days by DHL, 3~7 business days by EMS). We wish you merry Christmas, and hope you will enjoy our tablet once you receive it. All shipments have tracking number and registered, so they won’t get lost.

The tracking number is included in the order shipping confirmation email sent from PayPal, the 2nd email from PayPal.  You should receive it within 2 business days after you place the order if the item is in stock . If you didn’t receive that email, check your spam folder. Also make sure you check the product page. Pre-ordered item and back-order item may not be shipped yet. We always update the shipping status for each product at the product page. Once you have the tracking number you can follow the instruction below to track your package.

You can fill in the tracking number (one per line) in the following form, then click “track” button to track your package. This is our forwarder’s internal database, it works for all of your orders, providing the most detailed information, including when the item was received by our forwarder, and when it is delivered to carriers (Singapore Post, DHL, etc.), but part of information is in Chinese. If you see Chinese characters “离开分拨中心” at the second last line of the tracking record, that means the package has been delivered to and accepted by Carrier, such as Fiji Post, Singapore Post or DHL. Then just sit back and get relaxed, because you know your package is in transit, and check back after a few days.

If you prefer pure English tracking record, or have questions on the tracking record, please continue reading. Make sure you read through this page before contacting us on the shipping status of your order. It will save you time and also our time.

One tracking number per line:

Standard Shipping (Shipped by Fiji Post or Singapore Post. Tracking number format: RQxxxxxxxxxSG.  Or shipped by eBay ePacket. Tracking number format: LKxxxxxxxxxCN )
You can track it at
If you are US customer, you can track it at USPS’s website:
We ship worldwide by Singapore Post Air Mail and DHL. We used to use Hong Kong Post and FedEx; but starting form Sept. 2011, they are not accepting items with built-in battery. Since all tablets and wireless tablet case have built-in battery, we cannot use them any more.
Singapore Air takes all items from Shenzhen to Singapore, and then ship to World Wide; that why you see your item is shipped from Singapore, but actually they are shipped from Shenzhen, China. In term of typical shipping time, tt takes about 1 week to South East Asia, 2 weeks to North America/West Europe/Japan/India, 3 weeks to South America/Africa. Sometimes it is faster, sometime it’s slower, mainly due to delays at customs in your country, which we have no control at all.
In addition, you won’t see any tracking information after the items leaves Singapore before it is showing up in your country’s post office. This is normal, and it may take a week or longer depending on how soon the customs office in your country process those items.
It also takes time for Singapore Post to upload the tracking information to their online system. Give it at least 3~4 days after receiving shipping confirmation email to track your item online. If no info shows up while you are tracking, please be patient.
If the online info has no change over time, please don’t worry, the online info always legs behind what’s happening.
If you see the following info when you key in your tracking number, that means Singapore Post has been informed that this package is shipped from Shenzhen, but not arrived Singapore yet. Singapore Post uses Singapore as the hub, all of our package will be shipped from Shenzhen to Singapore first, before it is delivered world wide.
Recently Singapore Post has big delays due to surge of shipping volume. We have seen packages not delivery even after one and half month. We just switched to Fiji Post for standard shipping. Fiji Post is similar to Singapore Post, they will first ship package to Fiji, then ship it worldwide. It is faster than Singapore Post. Its tracking number ends with FJ.
22-09-2012 INFORMATION RECEIVED (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)
If you don’t get any information from Singapore Post tracking number, you should use the form above – our forwarder’s database to track it. If you see Chinese characters “离开分拨中心” at the second last line of the tracking record, that means the package has been delivered to and accepted by Singapore Post. Then just sit back and get relaxed, because you know your package is in transit, and check back after a few days.
If you ordered from our eBay store, and you are in US, then your order is usually shipped by eBay ePacket (via China EMS), which is faster than Singapore Post, but slower than DHL. The tracking number format is LKxxxxxxxxxCN. You can track your order using the websites listed above.
Express Shipping (By DHL Shipper, tracking number format: all numbers)

If you ordered Express Shipping , we usually ship it by DHL Hong Kong Shipper. For DHL Shipping, the tracking number you received is DHL Shipper’s reference, not the tracking number of DHL. You need to use the following page on DHL to track your order. Make sure you specify date range. You can set the date range from the one day prior the date you receive tracking the number to one day after you receive the tracking number from us.