Low Cost OEM or Customized Android Tablet – Customizing Android Tablet for Your Application

uPlay Tablet is the leader of low cost OEM and customized Android tablets – we customize Android tablet to server your purpose.

We offer OEM or customized Android tablets for your own special applications. You can put your own brand, logo or animation on the tablet , pre-install your own apps, and configure the OS to do exactly what you need. The possibilities are endless. We are located in Silicon Valley, so you don’t have to worry about long-distance communication and the quality of the service you will receive. Our factory and our partners’ factories are located in Shenzhen China, so we can provide high quality tablets with lowest cost. You can get customized tablet for even under $100 per units.

Customize printed logo on back case of Android tablet

We can print your own logo, your brand, or your company name on the back case of our Android tablet. You just need to provide the logo design in Photoshop AI format or high resolution image (png, jpg, etc.) to us.

Customize Android tablet packaging box

We can create a package box with your own logo, brand, address, bar code, website printed on it. We can either create design for you or simply take your own design.

Customize Android tablet boot logo

We can customize the tablet boot logo – change the boot logo to your own. You just need to provide jpg image of logo to us.

Customize Android tablet boot animation

We can customize the tablet boot animation as well. You just need to provide image to us.

Customize Android tablet wall paper

We can customize the wall paper of Android tablets. You either provide your own image, or our designer can create one for you based on your requirements.

Customize Android tablet pre-installed apps

We can pre-install apps for you on those customized Android tablets.

Auto load your own apps at Android tablet start up

We can make the customized tablet just serving your own purpose. For example, you can use it as an electronic user manual or reference manual. When your customer turns it on, your manual is automatically opened up.

The possibilities of customized tablets are only limited by your imagination. Here are a few examples from our customers

Customized tablet for school and eduction

Give each school kid an customized tablet to watch school class videos, read e-textbooks, work on their homework, email their teachers and classmates, make skype calls and send instant messages, and, of course, play games.

Customized tablet for medical application

Use a customized tablet to have patents to do registration – fill the forms, take patent picture, etc.

Customized tablet for company promotion

A customized tablet that only plays your promotion video at the start, and let customers to fill the form to collect information, feedback…

Customized tablet as reference manual

Use a customized tablet to replace you inch-thick paper reference manual.

Follow the instruction in menu “ Custom built tablet ” -> “how to place customized tablet order” to place your customized table sample order.

Got your own ideas? You can either purchase a basic customization package from us, or talk to us on your project.

If you have additional needs, feel free use the form in Contact Us  or call 408 800 6189 to discuss your project with us (If we cannot take your phone call, please do leave a message, and we will call you back).

uPlay Tablet OEM and Customization Options and Packages

Check out our customized tablets We have many more models not listed here. If you want create a custom built or OEM tablet not listed here, we recommend you choose the uPlay Ultimate Custom Built Tablet Package.