uPlay tablet customization logo on tablet

uPlay tablet customization – print/laser logo on tablet

$399.99 $299.99

This customization option will make a tablet show your own boot image and wall paper.

  • uPlay tablet will create a customized firmware to use your own image for boot image and wall paper. The boot image is the image that will be shown at tablet boot-up. The wall paper is the background image of tablet home page. This will allow your users to see your company’s logo or marketing message when they are using your tablets.

Product Description

This customization option will print or laser logo on the back of the tablet enclosure.

  • We will print you logo on the back of the tablet enclosure. If the tablet enclosure is metal, we will laser your logo.
  • 1 week turn-around-time
  • No extra charge if you order multiple tablets in a single order.

You need to pick a tablet from our store if you buy this tablet customization option. In general you should also buy the customization of boot image, wall paper, if you want the logo printed on the tablet. That will make your tablet full customized for your brand. You may consider the customized package box as well.

You also need to send your logo design after you place the order, so that we can use them. Just email those files to info at ¬†(assuming you are human, so you know to replace at with “@”).

Format: AI (Adobe Illustrator) or CDR (Coral Draw)

The turn-around time for this logo on the tablet customization is 1 week from the day that we receive your logo file.

This is perfect if you want to use tablet for your marketing purpose or build your own brand tablet.  Once you are happy with the tablet and the customization, we can talk about the price of volume production. In general you can expect 10~20% discount on top of the sample price when you order it in volume. We have 5 factories with 500,000 tablet capacity per month, so we can definitely meet your volume production requirements.