Customized tablets, white label tablets, and custom built tablets

We offer customized Android tablets , white label tablets , OEM tablets , and custom built tablets for your own special applications. Do you want to put your apps on Apple iPad or Google Nexus 7 then sell to your customers, but found they don’t allow you to resell their products? Do you want to sell your own branded tablets with iPad or Nexus 7 spec and quality?  That’s where we can help. All of our tablet models use the multi-touch capacitive screen (not the cheap resistive screen). Most tablets are running Google’s latest Android 4 .0 ICS.  In term of screen size, we have 9.7″ white label tablet like iPad with dual-core CPU running the latest Google Android 4.0 with bluetooth, we have 8″ custom built tablet similar to Apple’s to-be-released iPad Mini, we have a number of  7″ white label tablet for your customization for less than $100. In term of  functions, other than typical WiFi only models, we have a few white label unlocked 3G phone tablets – one 7″ with GPS and bluetooth, one 7″ inch with bluetooth no GPS, and one custom built 5″ tablet like the popular Samsung Galaxy Note, which has GPS, bluetooth, and even analog TV (TV function needs volume order).You can use those tablets to make phone calls and surf on Internet wherever you are. Google Nexus 7 won’t allow you to use expandable memory or output video to your big HD TV, while all of our white label and custom built tablet models support expandable memory, and most of them have a HDMI port to hook up your TV. You can put your own brand, logo or animation on those white label tablets , pre-install your own apps, and configure the OS to do exactly what you need. The possibilities are endless. We are located in Silicon Valley, so you don’t have to worry about long-distance communication and the quality of the service you will receive.

Customize printed logo on back case of Android tablet

Customize Android tablet packaging box

Customize Android tablet boot logo

Customize Android tablet boot animation

Customize Android tablet wall paper

Customize Android tablet pre-installed apps

Auto load your own apps at Android tablet start up

Customized tablet for school and eduction

Customized tablet for medical application

Customized tablet for company promotion

Customized tablet as reference manual
Got your own ideas? You can either purchase a basic customization package from us, or talk to us about your project.

Follow the instruction in menu “ Custom built tablet ” -> “how to place customized tablet order” to place your customized table sample order.

If you have additional needs, feel free use the form in Contact Us  or call 408 800 6189 to discuss your project with us (if we are not able to take your call, do leave a message, and we will call you back).

uPlay Tablet OEM and Customization Options and Packages

Check out our customized tablets We have many more models not listed here. If you want create a custom built tablet not listed here, we recommend you choose the uPlay Ultimate Custom Built Tablet Package.