woPad i8 $40 Off Coupon Code for woPad i8 – the least expensive 8″ tablet

$40 off woPad i8 tablet from woPad USA – the least expensive 8″ tablet that has a mutli-touch capacitive screen , the same resolution as iPad 2, supports FLASH, and has HDMI output.

What you are bidding is a coupon code

The coupon code is valid through Jan. 31, 2012. Limited to one purchase per customer. You can give it to others for them to use.

You can find product details from the following page:


The following is the link to purchase woPad’s flagship tablet 8″ woPad i8 :


Must purchase from woPadUSA website.

Taxes, shipping & handling will apply.

Will email code to your ebay account upon receipt of payment, not through USPS.

Coupon has no re-sale value. The value you get from us are good information, our time, your convenience, and our listing cost.

Please leave feedback for the auction and we will be glad to do the same to you. All bids will receive a second chance offer if you don’t win. Thanks.