Ainol just released another Captain pure English firmware upgrade (2013-11-22) version to fix the slowness and battery sign zero issue

Ainol NOVO 10 Captain tablet

Ainol’s first bunch of Captain has this battery sign zero issue, when makes the Captain tablet cannot be turned on after you shut it down. Ainol realized that and stopped the Captain production to fix the problem in the last couple months. Now they have released this Nov. 22 version to fix that problem. We have tested on all Captain in stock and returns. It works very well on most of them. It doesn’t fix the battery issue on a few returns, but there is a work around to make them work. Please follow our Ainol NOVO 10 Captain firmware upgrade step-by-step guide to upgrade your firmware . The firmware download link is in that guide.

In case you still have the battery sign zero issue. Here is the work around: plug-in charger, long press the power button for 10~15 seconds, wait until you the the battery charging sign appears and disappears. Then long press the power button, it should boot up. If you don’t shut down the tablet (just turn off the screen to put it into sleep mode), you shouldn’t need this, only if you shut down that tablet .

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