How to fix Ainol NOVO 10 Captain not completing boot problem

Ainol NOVO 10 Captain tablet

Problem description: You can turn on Captain, but it hangs at Ainol logo and cannot get into Android home screen


  1. Use the USB cable that comes with Ainol NOVO 10 Captain. Plug in the micro-USB side into Captain. Press and hold volume – button, plug the other end of the USB cable into PC.
  2. Captain should boot, and get into the factory setting menu. Use volume + and volume – to screen up and down the menu. The power button is “enter”. Choose “4. wipe data/factory reset”.
  3. Choose “8. Yes — delete all user data”.
  4. Choose “1. reboot system now”.

This should fix the problem. If not, you can follow our other guide to upgrade Captain firmware.

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