The new generation of our besting selling uPlay PhonePad (Gen 3) is released today


Dec. 13. In stock . This is the upgrade version of our best selling uPlay PhonePad Gen 2. It is released today. We have upgrade it with metal case which is slimmer and more durable, but didn’t upgrade the price – The price is still the same as uPlayPhonePad Gen 2: $199.99 - which is $50 lower than the lowest price of our original PhonePad.

The other major improvements of the new PhonePad over the original uPlay PhonePad are: 1). CPU – it is now powered by the latest Qualcomm 7227-A 1GHz CPU, much faster than the previous generation. 2). Android 4 – it is now running the latest Google Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system.

uPlay(TM) PhonePad ( custom built tablet , private label) is the first 3-in-1 7″ tablet , GPS,  and unlocked 3G Phone . Now you don’t have to carry a phone and a tablet any more! It’s very stylish, has very high built quality, and is quite robust.

uPlay PhonePad is not only a tablet , but also an unlocked 3G Phone . It is a GSM quad-band world phone , and can be used world wide in all GSM network. For example, it works in both AT&T and some T-Mobile 3G network along with many other carriers in US and other countries. You can buy uPlay PhonePad Gen 3 at our online store.

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