There is no Captain Advanced version. is NOT an Ainol official site

Ainol NOVO 10 Captain

Ainol finally released the long waited NOVO 10 Captain English Edition last week. The spec is slightly different from the original Captain spec they published at the Hong Kong show last October, including upgrade on RAM and Battery, and downgrade on screen resolution and removing GPS.

Quite a few customers who pre-ordered NOVO 10 Captain asked us whether there is a Captain Advanced version, since they saw it at ainol- novo .com (they thought this is Ainol’s official site). As Ainol’s official distributor , we have asked Ainol to confirm on those rumors. The following is the statement from Ainol.

  1. There is no Captain Advanced. Captain has only one version, and there is no plan to release a Captain Advanced version in the future.
  2. ainol- novo .com is NOT an Ainol site. Ainol’s official website are and Ainol doesn’t know ainol- novo .com and is not even an Ainol official distributor .

According to Ainol’s General Manager of the export sales, Chevy Wu, ainol-novo was created by a bunch of Indian, and they call it ainol-novo for the search engine optimization (SEO) purpose. Since Ainol doesn’t have an official English site, they are happy to see people creating Ainol related websites to promote Ainol tablet ; however, customers better check out the news from Ainol’s official website or its official distributors.

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