uPlay Tablet now offers customized gift tablet option

Now we offer our customer customized gift tablet option. When you purchase any tablets from us, you can purchase this customized gift tablet option.

Just imagining you buy a tablet as a birthday gift, a Mother’s/Father’s Day gift, or an anniversary gift, when he/she receives your gift and turns the tablet on, the table will play a short video clip of yours, and then he/she will see your picture as the tablet wallpaper. Or you are giving the tablet away as a company gift, your customer will see your company video when they turn on the tablet and your company logo on the wall paper. Isn’t that super cool?

What the customized gift tablet option does?

It will play your video when tablet is turned on. The wall paper of the tablet will also be your own picture.

How much does the customized gift tablet option cost?

It only cost $19.95 per unit. If you order 10 units or more, please contact us, and we will offer volume discount to you.

How to order customized gift tablet option ?

  1. Order the tablet you like from our website. You can find them in Product/Store section.
  2. Click the “Buy now” button below to purchase the the customized gift tablet option .
  3. Send you video clip and picture by email. The email address is video at uPlayTablet.com (replace “at” with “@”).

What formats are supported for customized video and wallpaper picture?

We support pretty much all popular video and picture formats. Just send your video clip and picture to us. If cannot use them, we will let you know. We can also use your videos on YouTube and Facebook. Just provide us the link and we will download ourselves.

Video: MPEG 2

Picture: JPEG, PNG, TIFF

Customized Gift Tablet Option $19.95


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