Z2 smart watch release is postponed. The retail price is set at $499

Android Smart Watch Phone Z2

We just confirmed with our factory making Z2 smart watch. Unfortunately they have to postpone the release date . No specific date is set at this point, although most likely it will be in January, 2014. The retail price of Z2 smart watch is set at $499. For customers who pre-ordered Z2 smart watch, if you want the smart watch now, we would recommend you cancel your pre-order, and order Andord 4.0 Smart Watch Phne S5, which has the same reference design as Z2, just the screen is slightly smaller (using Apple MINI display, 240×240 pixels). Other wise, you can stick with your Z2 pre-order. There is a good chance that we can still honor the pre-order price. If we cannot, you can cancel your order at that time, and get your full refund..

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