Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (Fire, Burning) Chinese version is released, English version (including HDMI cable as free gift) will be released on next Wednesday Sept 12

We heard the latest new on Flame (Fire, Burning) from Ainol today: The final release date of Ainol NOVO 7 Flame (used to be called Burning, many people called it Fire) English Edition will be Sept 12th. The Chinese edition is already out. The original release date of Ainol NOVO 7 Flame was August 15th, but it has been pushed out. Some Chinese online stores claims they have NOVO 7 Flame in stock , that’s Chinese edition, not the English edition for oversea market. In addition, Ainol always picks the top quality tablets from their QA test for oversea market. Those Chinese edition selling in China by the Chinese online store doesn’t have the same quality as English edition. In addition, a HDMI cable will be included in the English Edition as free gift.

Since Ainol NOVO 7 Flame’s release date is about the same time as Google’s own Nexus 7 , people are comparing those two tablets . Many customers who pre-ordered Ainol NOVO 7 Flame shared with us the reasons they picked NOVO 7 Flame instead of Google Nexus 7 .  Here is the summary: NOVO 7 Flame has the similar spec and built quality as Google Nexus 7 . Although Google Nexus 7 has a more powerful CPU and NFC, but Ainol NOVO 7 Flame has a few nice features that Nexus doesn’t have. For example, the expandable memory, HDMI port to output HD video to your big screen TV, 5MP rear facing camera, and metal case . In addition, Google Nexus 7 doesn’t support FLASH any more, while Ainol NOVO 7 Flame has a hardware rendering FLASH, super fast and smooth. NOVO 7 Flame 16GB version ($179.99) is $70 cheaper than Google Nexus 7 16GB version($249.99).  In some sense, Google Nexus 7 is designed for Google – they want you to use their cloud computing service to store your information and files, you can watch YouTube in their app, but you won’t be able to watch any other FLASH video sites, while Ainol NOVO 7 Flame is design for you – it allows you to add expandable memory when needed, shoot 5MP pictures, watch FLASH with hardware rendering, and to share your video with your family on big screen TVs. And most importantly, save you money.

As Ainol’s oversea distributor , uPlay Tablet will get the first batch of NOVO 7 Flame. We are taking pre-order on our Ainol NOVO 7 Flame product page for only $179.99.

The supply of Ainol NOVO 7 Flame will be tight at the beginning. We will follow the order of orders strictly. Order now to ensure you get one from our first batch. You can cancel your order any time before we ship.


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