uPlay (TM) Wireless Keyboard and Aluminum Case for iPad 2

Out of production. Only available for volume order. If you are looking for Aluminum Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad 2, we recommend our latest product:

Product Features:

  • The bluetooth keyboard of ipad is the world’s thinnest, and it is just 16.5mm after closed with ipad . The thickness of Bluetooth keyboard of ipad is only 11mm.  The keyboard weights just 280 grams, so that it is the world’s best carry-on bluetooth keyboard .
  • The keyboard is designed for iPad 2 . Chocolate-style keycap’s design gives native Apple product feeling.
  • Enclosure is made of aluminum alloy, making the keyboard more attractive, fashionable, and better integration with iPad 2 .
  • The Bluetooth keyboard can be used just by sliding iPad 2 on the slot of machine, and is the world’s most convenient to use.


Keyboard Specification:

  •     Bluetooth 2.0 interface standard
  •     Operating Distance to 10 meters
  •     Modulation System:GFSK
  •     Operation Voltage:3.0-5.0V
  •     Standby time:60days
  •     Charging Time:4-5 hours
  •     Lithium Battery Capacity;160mA
  •     Uninterrupted Working Time:55hours

Things to pay attention:

This is a bluetooth keyboard, so you have to charge it once in a while. When you see you don’t get what you typed, that probably means the battery is low.

The USB charging cable is included in the package (hidden at the bottom portion of the package). You don’t see it from outside. You need to open box to see it. You can just plug this USB cable into your iPad 2 charger to charge the keyboard.

Where to buy:

This model is discontinued. You can our 2nd generation uPlay(TM) Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad 2  for $49.99 on our website.