Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora II and ELF II FAQ

1. My tablets crashed. What can I do?
You can try to press the power button for 10 seconds to shut down the tablet and restart the tablet .

2. How to play FLASH videos? Do I need to install flash plug-in myself?
The official simplified firmware doesn’t have pre-installed flash player and you should install the player manually.

3. Some of apps I am using on my Android Phone don’t run on Aurora II and ELF II . Why? 
The system and setting on tablet and phone are not exactly the same, some apps which are specially design for Android phone will cause dead or no response of tablets . The most reliable way to install apps is to dowload apps apk into your PC or micro-SD card, and then installs the apps in the file manager.

4. When charging my Aurora II ( ELF II ) while the tablet is turned off, the tablet seems to get hot. Why? Is theere a fix? 
This is a bug in the original firmware , and has been fixed by firmware upgrade 0625. You can download this new firmware from our website.

5. The spec of Aurora II claims it has 16GB storage and 1GB RAM. How come I only see about 13GB storage and 800MB RAM available?

The way to caculate the capacity on Flash memory, TF card, U disk and hard disk is same. 1K is equal to 1024 byte; 1M is equal to 1024K while 1G is equal to 1024M. So the standard capacity should be 14.8G. Then it would take 800M to 1G for ROM space. The system of the device will also take some storage space, which is why the storage left 13G only.

6. I installed some games and apps that I have in my Android Phone, but they don’t work on Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II and Elf II . Why?

Many android games and apps have different data packet, you have to make sure the apk and data packet you download is the right version. Most Chinese brand dual core architectures adopt ARM mali400MP GPU and you must choose GT-I9100 editon data packet when you download . It is normal Aurora II and Elf II are not compatible with the game or apps if you download the wrong data packet. Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II and Elf II come with Android 4 .0 OS and high resolution. You won’t be able to play on Aurora II and Elf II if the game doesn’t support Android 4 .0 OS and high resolution.

7. Some games that I installed stuck or exit themselves when I start them. Why?
Some games require Internet connection, others may require you have a Google account.

8. I found WiFi breaks itself when the tablet is under standby mode. How to fix this?
Go to Settings -> WiFi -> click the top right corner icon -> choose Advanced and choose “keep WiFi on during sleep”.

9. Does Aurora II and ELF II come with an English User Manual ?

Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora II and ELF II come with an English Quick Start Guide. Ainol has released the English user manual yet. Once they release, we will put it on our website. However, since Aurora II and ELF II have pretty stock version of Google Android 4 , you can find guide at Google Android website. In addition, Google Android 4 comes with an in-situ help. You don’t really need a user manual, just like iPad has no user manual either.

10. Does Aurora II and ELF II have Google Play installed? How come I cannot find it?

Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora II and ELF II come with Google Play pre-installed. Google Play is at the 2nd page of Apps page, you have to slide to right to see the 2nd page (tap the 6 block icon on top right of the main page to enter the Apps page).

11. You claim ELF II is English version , how come I still see some Chinese apps?

We are selling Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora II and ELF II English edition for oversea market. However, Ainol still have some Chinese apps pre-installed. If you don’t like them, simply delete them.

11. List of apps or games having issues on Aurora II and ELF II:

This is not a complete list. We just list games or apps that we heard from customers having issues on Aurora II and ELF II. There is nothing wrong with Aurora II and ELF II. Apps compatibility is a common issues on Google Android, since there are so many manufactures and so many Android versions, most of the app companies or developers have never tested their applications on all hardware platforms and Android versions. The best way to solve such issue is to contact the app company or developer, report the bug, and usually they will fix it in their next release.

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