Ainol NOVO 7 Mars is a low end model, not Aurora II – It doesn’t have IPS screen and due-core CPU that Aurora II has

May 10, 2012, San Jose, CA, USA: Some websites are claiming they are taking pre-orders of Ainol NOVO 7 Mars, and telling customers Mars is Aurora II . This is wrong – actually Mars is a low end model to be released in May. It doesn’t have the IPS screen that Aurora and Aurora II have. It is more like the ELF, which Ainol has stopped making due to the high defective ratio of its screen.

The release date of Ainol’s  new model of NOVO 7 ELF and NOVO 7 Aurora , aka Aurora II and ELF II , is pushed out to end of June or beginning of July. In order to meet the customer demand on Aurora , the Aurora production has resumed, but no more ELF will be made due to the high defective rate on its high resolution screen .

According to  Chevy Wu, Ainol’s GM of International Business, “Ainol is going to release two models running AMLogic single-core CPU (not the due-core CPU that will be used on Aurora II and ELF II ), one with 1024×600 pixel screen, called NOVO 7 Mars,  and another one with 800×480 pixel screen, called NOVO 7 Tornados. Those two models will be the low end models by Ainol”. Both models don’t have the IPS screen that Aurora and Aurora II have. The price of those two new models is not finalized according to Wu.

When asked how the performance of NOVO 7 Mars is comparing with ELF, Wu said, “Mars should have slightly better performance. If the performance score of ELF is 90, then Mars’ could score 95″.

For customers who want to buy the English Aurora, you can pre-order it now at the current  Aurora product page. We are not going to take any pre-order of Aurora II and ELF II   for now (since the release date is still more than one month from now), and will start taking pre-order in June. The English version of Auroa production is limited;  therefore, we recommend our customers to place the pre-order now in order to secure their priority. We will also start taking pre-order of NOVO 7 Mars and NOVO 7 Tornados next week.


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