Ainol NOVO 7 Aurora II – we are taking pre-order now for $189.99

As Ainol’s flagship product, NOVO 7 Aurora become one of the most desired Android tablets in both domestic and international customers. In May, Ainol has started making the new Aurora with LG screen, and they plan to release the NOVO 7 Aurora II in July. The difference between the new Aurora and Aurora II is the CPU. The new Aurora is running AllWinner A10 , a single core ARM Cortex-A8 based. AllWinner calls its Many Core, but that just means they have CPU, DSP, GPU,.. all integrated into one SoC (System on Chip). Aurora II , on the other hand, will use the same CPU as ELF IIAMLogic 8726 M6 , the first dual-core CPU based on ARM’s 2nd generation Cortex-A9 CPU. AMLogic 8726 M6 is manufactured by SMIC with its most advanced 40nm process technology. So, overall AMLogic 8726 is pretty much the same CPU as Apple’s A5, the CPU used in iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The difference between ELF II and Aurora II , just like the difference between ELF and Aurora , is mainly the screen: Aurora II has 150 degree 1024×600 pixel high resolution IPS screen (made by LG), while ELF II has a 1024×600 pixel high resolution screen , no IPS.  Aurora II will keep the same look as Aurora.

Ainol will release the NOVO 7 Aurora II with dual-core CPU

NOVO 7 Aurora II will carry Amlogic M6, dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 based CPU main frequency up to 1.5GHz with integrated quad-core Mali-400 MP2 GPU at 400MHZ;  They will also have 1GB DDR3 RAM , which results 300% speedup on performance

Aurora II will carry Amlogic ’s  M6 dual-core ARM Cotex-9 based CPU

NOVO 7 Aurora will run the latest Android4.0.3 operating system with GPU accelerated. Web content, online FLASH video, and Flash games will be GPU rendered, not software rendered, which will be faster and smoother. The web browser will also be GPU accelerated for fast loading and rendering.

We take NOVO 7 Aurora II pre-order now. The supply of Aurora II at the beginning will be tight. As Ainol’s oversea distributor , we will get their first batch. We will ship the order strictly according the date we received. Pre-order now if you want to get them at the earliest date. The pre-order price for Aurora II is $189.99. The shipping cost is flat rate $14.95. We ship worldwide. Click the following button to place your order.

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